I woke with a gasp. What had happened? Had I been dreaming? Tons of questions were entering my head, but one stood out; where am I? Lucky for me, vampiric eyesight came with the package of being a creature of the night. I moved my eyes around the room- no, cave- that i was in. All i saw was an enormous rock, and a small stream, running through the cave. Suddenly, an ear peircing scream came from behind me. I whirled around, startled. I saw a young girl, sobbing into her knees, and she clutched them and rocked herself back and forth.

"A-Are y-you okay?" I asked hesitantly, but she answered with a high pitched wail.

I'll take that as a no then. I thought. I walked to her gracefully, and sat on the hard ground next to her, patting her on the back, comforting her.

"It's all okay, i'll get us out of here." I said the words, but didn't beleive them. I sighted, and got to my feet, working on a plan to get out of here. I picked up a small rock, and lobbed it into the gloomy darkness. It made a plop sound as it hit the water. I snarled with anger. We were stuck in here. I twirled around, and lay down on a rock. Suddenly, a figure slowly walked toward us. Wendy. Damn.

"Ah, Ritchard." She said, teasing. I growled in return. I jumped to my feet, and bent into a protective crouch. I lunged at her, and hit her arm, which would have broken a humans arm. Wait, she was human!

"why aren't you hurt? That should have broken your arm!" I exclaimed,

"You could say i've been working out." She answered with a sickly sweet smile. But then it was darkness again.

The End

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