At the end of James Street, there were two roads, one to the left, and one to the right. Great. These are the times when I greatly appreciate my vampire senses. I closed my eyes in concentration, and took a long breath through my nose. All I could smell was curry, ice cream, and dirt. No sweet smells, nothing as perfect as Ritchard. I looked around, scanning the street, trying my luck. Trying to find him. I saw three girls gawking at a teenage boy. Sure, he looked handsome. Nothing compared to Ritchard, of course. I suddenly burst into tears. I turned around so no one would see. When i finished bawling my eyes out, I pulled my self together, and sauntered home, putting on a happy facade. When I got home, then came the tears. I wept all through the night. It was lucky I didn't have to acctually sleep. My eyes ran out of tears, so I decided to go downstairs to have some blood in the place of breakfast. Mary and Rachel came down. They seemed to have been crying aswell. How had they found out about Ritchard? Who had told them.

The End

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