I stared at Wendy furiously. I wanted to kill her. I hadn't known human blood for ages, but it seemed like I was about to. I lowered myself into a crouch. I was the predator, and she was the prey. Revenge and fury clouded my thoughts. I lunged at her, hoping for my claws to swipe her hand off of its arm, or my sharp fangs to devour her. But she dissappeared. Damn. i raised myself out of my crouch, and cried. I slowly walked to mine and Richards room, and lay on the bed. i looked for a book to read in Richards draw. he likes to read, so he probably has one. But instead of my fingers encountering a book, they encountered a note. i oulled it out of the draw, and read it.


I love you, and you know it. I wanted to ask you something.

I want you to be happy forever, and i

I love you, will you

Please marry me.


Love, Ritchard.

Marry him? God yes i will marry him. An errent tear left my eye. i got to sleep, planning our wedding. But during that sleep, i was forseeing our doom. Wendy. how will I kill her, and how do I get Ritchard back? Questions i will have an answer to when it has happened.

* * *

The next day started badly; no blood in the house, Mary and Rachel were frightened, of course, but that soon all changed, when I was at the park, just walking. I saw Ritchard. He looked like he didn't know what he was doing, like he was sleepwalking. i tried to follow him, but I lost him at the end of a street called James Street. I lost him. My love.

The End

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