Starting Again.

Starting again wasn't easy. Hell, it was hard just to get them to listen to our explanation as to why they didn't remember anything but themsleves. They looked so scared, yet beautiful, at the same time. We had to gain their trusts for the first time (they trusted us as soon as we took them in. Lucky for them, we were the ones who took them in, and not some paedophile. But when they lost their memories, their trust came with a price.) It took a few days just to get them to remember that one night when we took them in. At least they were remembering something. But, the amount of time it took them to remember just one night, we couldn't begin to imagine how long it would take them to get all of their memories back. Eventually, we gave up on trying to get them to remember, and started afresh. But there was one problem; vampires. They needed to know why they looked so beautiful, why they were so strong, so cold, so perfect. So, Hally and I decided; they had to know.

"Rachel, Mary, can you come in here please?" hally shouted down the hall. They sauntered in happily, not knowing what we were about to tell them. Again.

"Yes?" Rachel asked. She was so innocent! How would her head be able to hold this information? Well, we were about to see.

"we have something very, very, important to tell you." Hally said in a monotone.

"Uh oh. What is it?" Mary joked. Uh oh indeed.

"we are, um-"

"we're vampires." Hally interrupted me. Why was she always so impatient with these things?! I waited for their reactions; screaming, throwing things, calling the police, but no. They were not surprised.

"We know. We remember." Rachel explained,

"what? whe- when did you remember it? Why didnt you tell us?"

"relax, we only just remembered. It's all coming back now. We don't know whats doing it, but it's surely coming back." Mary said in a calming voice. They know? Does this mean they can be our daughters again? I could already imagine what it would be like. I had so many questions to ask them about their transformation into a beautiful beast; a vampire.

The End

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