"Stop playing around, and get in here!" Hally ordered. Rachel flinched at the sound of her voice.

"So, how do you like your new life?" Hally asked, impatient,

"The only people in here that i know are me and Mary. Who are you?" Rachel said, suspicious.

"Dont you know us?" I asked. I was getting freaked out. I could see it in Rachels eyes; she wasn't lying.

"No I bloody dont! Get the hell away from me, before i ring the police!" She yelled, suddenly, her eyes got wide.

"wait, im remembering something." She exclaimed, phew!

"Mary! We're homeless! I remembered!" She shouted, even though Mary was about three and a half inches away from her.

"No! No you're not! We're your parents! You live here! Don't you remember?" Okay, listening to conversations, is not one of Hally's talents,

"What do you think we've been talking about?!" Rachel was obviously getting annoyed. What did this mean? Will they ever remember us? Will this mean we will have to start again?

The End

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