They awoke with a gasp. Breathing heavily, as if they had just ran a marothon.  Rachel was completely different; golden hair, as apposed to the dull blonde that it used to be. She had vibrant green eyes. Mary was beautiful aswell; brunette,  turquoise eyes. They both had, just like Hally and I, paper white immaculately beautiful faces. I wasn't surprised to see two beautiful people here, but i still gasped. I thought they were beautiful, and i loved them, just, like they were my children.

"We'll leave you to adjust to your new lives." Hally said, clearly very proud of how beautiful they were. We left the room silently. They didn't take that long to adjust; just about fifteen minutes, actually. They slowly crept out of the room, cautious. Why were they being so careful? They knew what they were doing, are they thirsty or something? i asked myself in my head.

"Come on! why are you being so slow?!" Hally said, extatic with excitement.

"wha- wh- who a-are you?" Rachel asked. Uh oh.

The End

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