"We're, um, we're," I was having real trouble finding the words that wouldn't make them scream and run,

"What is it, Ritchard?" Rachel asked, curious,

"We aren't what you think we are; we're not even human." Hally interrupted my perfect explanation of the ums and ers,

"What?! Is this some kind of joke?"

"just tell us what you are" Mary was abnormally calm.

"We're vampires." I explained, hopeful they wouldn't scream and run away.

"V- Vamp- Vampires!  you're vampires!" she screamed at us. What should i do? i thought to myself. How did i get to be here?!

Then, Rachel took Mary, and stormed out of the house.

Later on that day, Mary and Rachel came back to us. Of course, we welcomed them back with open arms, but we were still very careful not to frighten them.

"We want you to do something for us." Rachel said "Make us vampires. we want to be like you!" She exclaimed.

"It hurts very much." i would have to be truthful, so it doesn't take them by surprise when the searing pain hits them.

"We dont care; we want this." She said.

"A-Are you sure?" i aked, hopeful they wouldn't say yes. Hoping they would just leave, and find a new life.

"Yes."She said. When she was like that, it was impossible to change her mind. So stubborn!

"Fine." I said, giving in. I slowly walked toward her, lifting my hand up, and rested it on her forehead. I closed my eyes, trying to summon the power to push it from my hand. A strange light appeared from my hand. Rachel started screaming hystericaly. Hally was turning Mary, who was doing well; she hadn't screamed yet. when we had finished, the girls were unconsious, so we lifted them up, and laid them on their beds. We then waited for the change to happen.

The End

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