Living in a cave may have had its drawbacks, of course, but there were some good things about it; all types of small animals happen to wander into them. Small animals equal dinner, a sweet release from the craving we get for blood. You might think that we vampires like to live in enormous castles, where we have servants to eat (i wish!) but really, we can live anywhere, just, uncomfortably. We got out of the cave after a few years, and ran to the city, not really far from the cave that had been our prison for years. We didn't worry about being tempted by the delicious scent of human blood; we liked animal blood better, plus, it makes us stronger. We bought a little rundown dump of a house. eventually, we bought (bought, stole, whatever) a yahama piano. i was still a pretty good pianist, but Hally was about as good as Mozart! she played gituar well, and sang beautifully, and i played piano with her in the streets, and gained a few thousand pounds. (i get the feeling that that was only because we looked better than humans, but only according to humans) we moved on, and bought a bigger house, not really a mansion, but still, not as bad as a cave. one winters night, we were walking back to our house, when we crossed paths with two young runaways, both girls, both about fifteen. They had no-where to go, and they were living on the streets, which is probably worse than living in a cave; nothing over your head. We took them in. We were planning to give them some money, to buy themselves a house and food, but eventually, we grew fond of them, and adopted them.

eventually they would have found out about us being vampires, so we might as well had told them anyway.   

"Rachel, Mary," that was what they said their names were," we have something important to tell you." we had said one evening, whilst they were eating dinner.

The End

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