Our Escape

As i leapt, Wendy threw some sort of energy ball at me, and that blew nearly all of the breath out of me. All i remembered was blackness. Blackness and pain. It seemed like i was out for hours, but my vampire strength woke me up after just a few seconds. I saw Wendy fighting Hally. I couldn't stand that. I got up, and using my super speed, ran to Wendy, and tackled her. I got Hally, and ran. One thing wrong with that plan; we were at the bottom of a cliff! I tried to run up the wall, with no success. If at first you dont succeed, cheat. I summoned all of my strength into my legs, and jumped, Hally on my back. It worked. I landed on the very edge of the cliff, and i ran, as fast as a shot bullet, kicking dust and dirt behind me. It was hard to find a safe location where Wendy wont find us, but eventually we did. In a cave. We set up camp in there, camp being mud- made pillows. we got to sleep, Hally sleeping on my chest.

*    *     *

We awoke just before dawn. I checked if it was safe to get out of the cave; it was. I was faster than Hally, so i had to carry her. she felt featherlight anyway. We got to my old clans hideout, where i had been chased from, to get some things.

"Hally, i need to say something." i said,

"we cant go back. Ever; Wendy will find us, and kill us."

"What? No! We have to go back!"

"please just trust me!" i said, trying to persuade her.

"please, Ritchard!"

"just trust me. we might visit, but we cant live there anymore." i said, hopeful that she would understand why.

"uh! fine!" she said. I couldn't bear to see her angry, so i ran there with record speed, and kissed her. She kissed me back. I was forgiven.

The End

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