A Bad Idea

we got up pretty early that morning. we didnt want to, but i guess we had to. We were both happy, anyway.

"dont you ever wish it was just you and me in the world?" she asked,

"yeah, tú y mi." Wow! i knew spanish?

"i think it means you and me." i said; maybe she didnt know spanish,

"yeah, i know, i have lived for a century and a half,

"oh really, then it should be just tú y mi, aquí y ahora."  the beautiful language of love. and spanish.

"Usted es el amor de mi vida."

"Te quiero."

"lets just speak English" she proposed,

"lets just not speak" i said, and kissed her. Now this was a long kiss. It only ended when Lisa cleared her breath, probably for attention.

"some woman's here, shes asking for you Ritchard." Lisa said, eyeing me I turned around, and saw who it was. Wendy. Oh no. she leapt at me, and i realised that she might get Hally. So i jumped in the way. bad idea.

The End

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