i crept to my tent carefully, careful not to wake anyone up, if anyone was acctually sleeping. It wasn't like i could have really made a sound; my agility was way above the normal human level. i climbed into my old shed, and laid there. I didnt go to sleep; it didnt want to come. not i laid there, waiting for dwan to arrive. Waiting patiently. But maybe that wasn't what i was waiting for. Hally stepped in my old tent, and the vicious wind blew her dark hair from her face. That was when her beauty hit me. her pale face only added to the perfection of her perfect profile. and i knew i was in love. i would die for her. Again. and i closed the small distance between us with super speed.

"i couldn't just leave it like tha-" i cut her off with a kiss. A very gentle kiss, that suddenly turned into a very passionate one. it was a brilliant kiss, a perfect kiss. Our first kiss. It was definately love. A love so strong, that only a vampire can hold the strength of this love. and this vampire did. We laid down, all night, not needing sleep. We just talked. Eventually dawn arrived, and this was the first time i wish it didnt.

The End

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