I started out with simple cords, showing her the basics, the letters that the ivory keys played. She had some minor difficulty so I labled them to help her along.

She was an incredibly fast learner, soon enough her fingers gracefully danced along the keys making wonderful music. Then we started on the Duets. That was the mistake of the night.

I played with her, our combined noises weaving the sorrow of David's immortal death. But when our hands accidentally touched during the fury of our angellic symphonies, the music stopped.

So did our breathing.

So did my rational thought.

I slowly gazed up at her. Her soft blue eyes trying to probe mine to see my reaction. The electricity between us was unavoidable.

I slightly turned in the stool, we both sat on and gazed at her longer. She was actually really attractive. He features were angular, almost every feature on her face was symmetrical. Our hands were still touching. The tension was unbearable.

"Want to play something else." I choaked out. My dusty old throat now hoarse and ever drier than usual.

"Yes." She whispered. Her cheeks softly glowing a bruised purple, like what most vampires do when they're embarrased. I sunk my fangs into my bottom lip then took my eyes off her, yet still picturing her in my mind. The way this could have gone. The way this should have gone.

Her hand then grabbed my arm. I stared at her slender fingers, wrapped around my arm. Her fingers felt warm on my dead skin. My eye's trailed up her hand, up her arms then to her face. She was closer than I thought. She lifted my arms away from the piano, then the other. She then scooted closer to me and played from the centre a song of passion, fire and love.

A wicked little smile spread across her face as she played faster and faster, her hands wandering closer to me as she played higher cords. Her body constantly scooting closer.

Then, her passionate song was over and hush fell over the cavern. It was so quiet you could hear the dust rustle over the ground like a blanket to the lower insects nuzzled inside the dirt.

"Good Night Hally." I mummbled.

"Good Night Ritchard." She replied glummly.

The End

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