The funeral was just the same as any old human's funeral; we all said our goodbyes- i didnt know what to say; i hadnt known him for long. everyone jst said a simple goobye. All except one. Lisa.

"Why?! Why did you have to leave me? I loved you! you were the love of my life, and you left me! i cant beleive tha- tha- tha-th-th......." then she ran off crying. I was confused; i hadnt known they had a relationship. I played songs for the funeral. sad songs, things like Yiruma: River Flows In You, and Kiss The Rain. there were a few cries, and everyone went to bed early. It wasn't like anyone could really sleep; they just stayed up, crying. I stayed up, and played on the piano, making songs for David. Hally came out of the tant, and silently sat next to me.

"teach me how to play, please." She said, a solem look on her face.

"sure, lets get started." i replied in a monotone, and i got to work.

The End

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