i found out that only Hally and I had ever known the taste of human blood. She understood the pain that bursts my dessicated throat into flames everytime i am thirsty. I got used to animal blood very easily. my eyes of which used to be a dull blue colour, was now a vibrant turqouise. I was paler, and my face changed. It was unnoticable by the human eye, but it seemed like my face grew. not older, but wiser. my cheeks weren't as rounded, so i lost my baby fat, at last. i grew taller by about an inch. animal blood made me more aware of my surroundings, i had more common sense. but better than that; it got me ready for the upcoming fight. i was smarter than before; i knew how to fight, how to put my strength to the test. i had become the perfect warrior. We would definately beat the other clan, if they dared to fight us now. I used up most of my time training, and the spare time playing on the old grand piano at the back of the camp site. Apparently, i used to be a pianist when i was a measly human. I was the only one that could play, and everyone said that my songs were beautiful. But suddenly that inevitable fight dawned upon us; i now spent all of my time training now. The next day arrived; the day of the battle.there were more of us than them. This gave me a little courage. the fight started. I killed and devoured  a few of them- apparently, you can eat vampires, just like humans, or animals- and when the fight ended, we left one standing to run back to wherever he came from. we ran back, smug as ever. It wasnt until we got to the camp, that i realised we were one short; David.

The End

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