New Clan

I was extremely content with my life here. It was like they were my family, and it was a perfect place to hide from Wendy. Nights were cold, and these were the times when i was grateful that we had Daniel down here; his power was greatly appreciated at night. One evening, I was sitting by the fire, staring balnkly into space, when a girl about my age came to me, and gently placed a goblet on the rough ground.

"your Hally, right?" i asked her, she nodded,

"Richard, right?"

"Right. Whats that?" i asked, eyeing the golden goblet,

"Dinner, dont worry, it is blood." She told me, so i lifted the goblet, and took a sip. And then the flavour hit me. I spat the rancid stuff out of my mouth instantly,

"what is that?!" i asked, my mouth smeared with the red liquid.

"It's animal blood. What did you expect, human?" she replied,

"Just drink it; you'll soon get used to it." she said, shoving the goblet back to me, so i drank more, fighting back the gags. when i finished i threw the goblet back to the ground.

"is this all you can eat down here?" i asked,

"well, if we eat someones blood who jumped down here, then they would be crazy, which would turn us crazy" She explained,

"we take their personality with us, if we drink the lood of a human." she said, seeing the confused look on my face.

"i never noticed that." i said. You learn something new every day.

The End

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