The Change

A lot of things change. Here are mine.

Change. It's a natural thing - it happens to everyone. Whether it's a minor change, like straightening your hair for the first time, or the death of someone you love.

Three and a half years ago, my life changed. I moved two hours away from my home, into a strange new town with strange new people. I was lost, I was confused.

I made new friends, and then made some more - a group that have stuck with me for the past three years, and will hopefully stay with me for many more. I love them more than I can comprehend, despite the fact that they hurt me sometimes.

Another year later, I entered a new grade and new classes - with new people. I didn't know many of them, so I stuck to myself. Two years later, after being in the same class with them, they're some of my best friends I could ever wish for.

Now, this week, my life will change again. I'm planning to tell him - to tell him what I've been holding in for four months. I've been waiting since July to say it.

I just wish I could predict the reaction - yes? no? Awkward silence? WTF?

I hope it works.

The End

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