Prologue - November 3, 1640

The personal account of a seventeenth century blacksmith who became one of the most formidable and renowned vampires in the "Old World." Comprising authentic reports of the mysterious Kindred known only as "The Caitiff," this work reveals to the reader the plethora of events in which the revolutionary blacksmith and nocturne assassin participated.


                To the Lusitanian of base Portuguese breed, blacksmith in fair Lisbon, adamant insurgent against the Hapsburg’s oppression of the glorious Portuguese Empire, supporter of the “Forty Conjurados” and their just cause.


                OCTOBER 13, 1640

                I have joined the forty coats-of-arms in their patriotic cabal to restore Portugal. The renowned members of this shadowy league have conjured the plan, and I am ready to execute it! I shall fight for what belongs to nobody but the Portuguese people!


                OCTOBER 20, 1640

                I attend the forty’s meeting for the second time. All details and precautions have been discussed and resolved. No necessity to attend further reunions; the time expires as the hour of independence approaches its consummation! For now, I shall keep laboring at the forge and grindstone, in my humble smithy, hoping that my ties to the honorable conspiracy will not be discovered...


                NOVEMBER 3, 1640

                Today a Spaniard merchant came to my smithy, in order to retrieve an ordered pair of embroidered steel gauntlets. He refused to pay the price agreed, however, by claiming “the Portuguese dogs are not worthy of a full meal, but should instead thrive for the crumbs left by the noble Spanish denizens, who bring prosperity and culture to these wastelands!” In a fit of wrath, I hurled the gauntlets unto the floor and challenged the worm to a duel. He mocked me at first, but accepted this act of defiance amidst groans, once he realized I hath no jocular intentions. Tomorrow we fight; tomorrow he will regret scorning my people!

The End

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