And with all that new Beta Generation standing around and hogging up the ground, you’ll have to start putting the buildings on top of each other.

1 colonist        Ah, I see; he wants to get back to the Beta issue.

Debars             —At least this one has his mother’s sense when it comes to efficient design.

Shoal               I think we should just expand the enclosure and make more space.

3 colonist        The enclosure! —do you really plan on playing with that too, Mr. Debars?

Debars            Now then, the expansion of enclosures is used as a last resort, of course. Two or three stories of residences and public facilities are typically sufficient for a colony of good size. Don’t worry about things like   that, please. Before it’s even on the radar, this colony needs to start a growing Beta, anyway.

               Now, Mr. Faraday, I doubt your mother would like to hear about what you’ve been up to with your young friend here.

Shoal               No sir.

Debars             Good; why don’t you two find something else to do?

Shoal               Yes sir.

Shoal and Sailor leave; exit Debars and colonists, still talking

Sailor              Will they really put buildings on top of buildings?

Shoal               Sure they will. The whole Capitol is like that. The highest I’ve seen is six stories.

Sailor              But don’t they get higher than the enclosure, then?

Shoal               Yeah, they have to make the enclosure higher too.

Sailor              Mr. Debars didn’t say that part.

Shoal               Nope. He must have forgotten to tell them.

Sailor              Yeah, I guess so.

Shoal               Man, I’m bored. What is there to do around here?

Sailor              Mr. Miller lets me in the kitchen usually, when he’s not too busy. Sometimes I get to help bringing him things from the garden or carrying stuff.

Shoal               Is that it?

Sailor              Well, no … sometimes Chief John lets me in Control if I’m quiet.

Shoal               The Chief of Security? You must know each other real well if you call him John and he lets you in Control.

Sailor              My dad is his best friend.

Shoal               You think he’d let us in now?

Sailor              Let’s go see.



Enter Foster and Pamela standing over a table

Foster              [finger on a blueprint] Oh—Dr. Espinosa will live here?

Pamela             [looking] Yes, that’s what it says.

Foster              Why won’t he be with the rest of the colonists, in the residence section?

The End

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