Grey wheeled out on a bed, asleep. Single light behind his head, on a nightstand. Sound of a breeze; grey fidgeting. A fierce wind ripping through forest; tossing and turning, groaning. Birds chirping, then calling, becoming loud caws and cackling. grey starts awake. Turns on a ceiling light and goes to a window.

Grey                 I haven't dreamed of pre-colonization in years. Not since Sailor was born. Not since Laiza was here.   What a strange night. This is like—like stumbling upon something you lost a very long time ago, for which   you spent days urgently searching. That is, before one day realizing you’d forgotten some time ago what it was you were still looking for. Oh, what a strange night.

Sailor             [offstage] Dad? Is that you?

Grey                 It's me, Sailor.

Sailor              Are you okay?

Grey                 I'm fine. Go back to sleep, son.

Sailor              Good night, Dad.

Grey                 [closes the window; goes to his bed] Good night.



Enter Shoal and Sailor walking

Sailor              Why do you have tape on your shoes?

Shoal               Maybe I’ll tell you some other time.

Sailor              When?

Shoal               When I trust you. If I trust you.

Sailor              Is it a secret or something?

Shoal               It’s private. Between me and my friends.

Sailor              How many do you have?

Shoal               What, secrets?

Sailor              No, friends.

Shoal               Oh, I don’t know. There’s Reed and Cove, Cobalt, Aspen, the Rowley brothers…

Sailor              Wow, you know a lot of Beta.

Shoal               The Rowley brothers are Alpha, actually. They both remember when the Capitol was built and when   all the states were converted to the colonies. They’re always saying how some people put up such a fight! Funny, huh?

Sailor              Fight?

Shoal               Yeah, I guess there were some diehard conservatives who never wanted to be enclosed. I love that word: diehard. Can’t you just see it in your mind?

Sailor              Those people must have been real stupid. I’ve never heard of anyone not wanting to be in an enclosure! I wish I could meet your friends.

Shoal               Uh-huh.

               You know, you’re the only colonist I know.

Sailor              Really? Everyone else was from the Capitol?

The End

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