Shoal               It's cool.

Pamela             Please, sit down. We're just about to eat—hopefully.

Grey                 What kind of food did they serve on the road?

Pamela             Canned things, mostly. Non-perishables.

Grey                 Sounds satisfying.

Pamela             I'm starving.

Grey                 Well, then, you're in for a treat. Miller is the best chef I've ever met. He keeps the whole colony up and running—don't know how we'd get by without him.

Shoal               I don't know how you get by waiting so long for the food to show up.

Pamela             Shoal, don't tell me you left your manners back at the Capitol.

Grey                 [laughing] Hey, tonight's meal is meant to be cooked in celebration. For the sake of the best things     you'll ever taste, it's worth the extra wait.

Pamela             Just be patient, all right, love?

Shoal               Yes, Mom.

Grey                 So, does the head architect know what's on the checklist for Advancement?

Pamela             Not exactly. Mr. Debars is the one with all the plans.

Grey                 Mm, I understand. But if you had to take a guess, what would you say?

Pamela             Well … the buildings are the most in need of restoration.

Grey                 Sure.

Pamela             I'd say full demolition and overhaul is tempting. Most of the foundation work doesn't meet the requirements anymore, especially in a landscape like this. The structures are hardly sound enough for expansion, and the ceilings are all higher than the current standard, besides that. The furniture doesn't function very well with the space; we could certainly be more efficient in that regard. As for myself, I think the basic layout of the public areas and the housing provisions feels like it was planned in a rush, so if it were up to me I'd redo most of the colony's design. I haven't been out to see your generators and turbines yet, but I assume the largest issue in safety is the lack of protection from the sun—it isn't on the minimum requirement list, but I'm sure Debars will want to have added a ceiling to the enclosure by the end of this Advancement. I’m sure it would be on the list next time, anyway.

Grey                             Ah…

                I see.

Shoal               Look! The food is coming!

Enter cooks carrying platters of food

Grey                 Well, listen, I hate to run but I promised Chief Foster I’d get a few things taken care of before heading off to bed. It was great meeting you both.

Pamela             Likewise, Mr. Grey. You have a lovely son.

Sailor              Can I stay and eat?

Grey                 Sure, little man. Be back home by dark.

Sailor              Okay.

Pamela             We'll see each other tomorrow, I'm sure. We've got a big day of work ahead.

Grey                 Evidently. Have a good night.


The End

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