control. Listen John, I think you can relax tonight. You've earned it.

Foster              Thanks, but it's not that simple.

Grey                Sure it is. Eat a good meal, have some fun. See that, Liz Fischer is eating alone. Get over there! Rumor is she's looking.

Foster              Mason, to be honest I really just feel like going straight to bed tonight.

Grey                All right, Chief, I understand. It’s been a long day. Just don't lay awake on your covers all night worrying about enclosures and politics, okay?

Foster              That’s my job.



Foster              Hmm?

Grey                 I'm having Miller pack a dish for you, all right?

Foster             Thank you, Mason.

Grey                 Get the rest you deserve. See you 'round [leaving].

Foster              Where are you going?

Grey                 I'm going to find out how my son is doing, and then I'm going to talk to Liz Fischer.

Grey leaves.

 Foster              [to himself] Oh, this is insanity. There's so much to be done on this little colony! If Congress really wants expansion to start in four years we'll really have to step up and earn our spot under the confederation. I sure hope Debars knows what he's doing. He seems like a practical man, if not a little irritable. But what do you expect from a person who leaves his ideal home at the Capitol—a life of complete safety and comfort—to take the huge risk of traveling outside his enclosure, across an entire country, only to find himself in one of the worst indictments of Congress’s hard work? Here he is, facing a mess of sandswept buildings, obsolete technology and only one Beta Generation to speak of. I can only hope to provide every hand of help the man needs.

                                                                                                                                    Exit Foster.


Grey approaches Pamela, Shoal and Sailor at table

Grey                 There you are, Sailor. I've been looking all over for you.

Sailor              Hi dad.

Pamela             Mr. Grey? I hope you don't mind our borrowing your son. He's quite the storyteller.

Grey                 Oh?

Sailor              I was telling Shoal's mom about the time Mr. Harper blew his windows out when he accidentally set   his stove on fire. You remember that?

Grey                 How could I forget? My ears rung for a week.

Pamela             So we've come to understand.

Grey                 You must be the architect.

Pamela             Among other names. Pamela Faraday. This is my son Shoal.

Grey                 Mason Grey. [shaking hands] Glad to have you here. So what do you think about Colony Forty-Four, Shoal?

The End

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