Sailor              You're that old? Do you remember colonization?

Shoal               Sure I do.

Pamela                         Shoal…

Shoal               Well, I mean I am Beta, but I remember some.

Sailor              Cool.

Shoal               [laughing] Cool?

Sailor              My dad says it. It means interesting.

Shoal               I know what it means; it's just funny to hear it from a Beta.



Shoal               So, you want to eat with us?

Sailor              Well—sure. Can my dad come, too?

Pamela             Of course, love. Let's go sit.

Pamela, Shoal and Sailor sit.


Enter Foster and Grey

Foster              Who isn't here?

Grey                 Kent and Cindy, the Harper girl and Old Mrs. Koch.

Foster              Sick?

Grey                 Mostly. Cindy’s in bed with a toothache.

Foster              Have Miller pack up a few dishes and get them out to the ones who didn't make it.

Grey                 Sure thing.

Foster              Any sign of the new arrivals?

Grey                Debars showed up awhile ago. He's over there feeding Capitol stories to a couple families. The two engineers have just left their houses and are headed this way.

Foster              Where's the architect?

Grey                 Not sure. Wasn't Nathan supposed to go get him?

Foster              Her.

Grey                 —Sorry?

Foster              It's a woman. She's here with her son, too.

Grey                 Oh? I see…

Foster              Were you able to get Debars's equipment into the garages without trouble?

Grey                Yes, and the trucks have all been collected, washed and sheltered, and we fired the reception transmission to the Capitol via the autooperators. It's all taken care of, okay, Chief?

Foster              I know—sorry, Mason. I trust you. It's just that I get a little paranoid whenever the enclosure's in question.

Grey                 Don't we all. But I was in contact with you the whole time, Chief, and you had everything under

The End

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