Enter Foster and Sailor

Sailor              Smells good.

Foster              Sure does. Where's your old man?

Sailor              Helping the cooks bring in the food.

Foster              Oh, I see him. Why don't you stake out a spot, kiddo. I'm going to go talk to your dad.

Sailor              I think I'll wait for the Capitol man to get here, so he can choose first.

Foster              What for?

Sailor              I don't want to accidentally take the seat he wants.

Foster              All right, I'll be back. Try to stay out of the way of all the people with platters, okay?

Sailor              Okay.

Exit Foster


Enter Pamela and Shoal among colonists

Pamela             What is that on your shoe?

Shoal               What? Nothing’s on my shoe.

Pamela             Right there; it looks like tape.

Shoal               Oh, that. Yeah, there is a hole in this one.

Pamela             A hole! They're brand new!

Shoal               Oh well. It's not a big deal.

Pamela             We'll get another pair. I don't want my child walking around looking like a deprived colonist—putting tape all over your shoes. Goodness.

Shoal               Mom, it's not a big deal.

Sailor              Hello.

Pamela             Oh, hello there, sweetie. I didn't know there was Beta Generation here.

Sailor              Yes, I'm the only one.

               [to Shoal] I'm Sailor.

Shoal               Hello.

Pamela             Well?

Shoal               Well what?

Pamela             Give him your name; shake his hand.

Shoal               Mom, he's just a little kid. I've got it.

Pamela             How old are you, Sailor?

Sailor              I'll be ten by the frost.

Shoal               The frost, huh? We call it “winter” at the Capitol.

Sailor              There is no winter at Forty-Four. Just a little frost in second-month.

Pamela             Ten years old, really! Shoal here turned thirteen last fifth-month.

The End

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