Enter Head Architect Pamela Faraday and her son Shoal

Pamela             Well?

Shoal               Well what?

Pamela             What do you think?

Shoal               It's awful small.

Pamela             I think it's kind of cute. Nightstands, external lamps—the table has legs.

Shoal                           [laughing] The television is hanging on hooks. And there are windows! Look, you can see straight through to the other houses and into their windows. How stupid!

Pamela             All right, hurry and change your clothes, Shoal. We're about to go eat in a minute.

Shoal               [plucking at the lamp switch]

               Go eat?

Pamela             Yes, go eat. They have a dining hall here.

Shoal               A dining hall—It's like a hotel. A resort.

Pamela             Go change your clothes. You look like you've been living in a truck for a week.

Shoal               Mom, we’ve both been living in a truck for a week.

               [they both change clothes]

man appears at door

man                  Ms. Faraday?

Pamela             Yes?

man                  Evening, Ma'am. I’m to show you to our dining hall, whenever you're ready.

Pamela             Shoal, hurry up. It's time to go.

Shoal               I'm ready, Mom.

man                  Oh, hello there. Shoal is it?

Shoal               Yes.

man                  Are you Beta Generation?

Shoal               I am, but I'm not as stupid as you think.

Pamela                         Shoal, please.

man                  No worries, kiddo. You're among friends.

Shoal               Uh-huh.

Pamela             Let's go. Behave yourself, young man.

Shoal               What did I do?

Pamela             You know what I mean. No remarks, okay?

Shoal               No worries, Mom. We're among friends


The End

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