Sailor                ...The hum is gone.

Grey                 The enclosure's off.

Sailor                Shh! listen. What's that one sound? It's almost like,

               a person … coughing.

Grey                 I think … oh, you know what, that must be a bird.

Sailor                What?

Grey                 Outside. Outside the colony. An animal. Oh, it's been forever sine I've heard that sound!

Sailor                Animals! You've heard animals?

Grey                 Sailor look, the gates are opening. Get down from there, please.

Sailor                Sorry. Can we go watch?

Grey                 We can watch from here.

Sailor                No, but can we go watch up close? The sun's in my eyes.

Grey                 No, Sailor. You stay in here until the enclosure is back on.

Sailor                Look how shiny they are. There's more silver showing than paint. Gosh, they must be really heavy—they're actually breaking the dirt. Oh, Chief John looks so nervous.

Grey                 He's not nervous. He's thinking.

Sailor                Who's that guy?

Grey                 Looks like Capitol personnel. He's got to be roasting in that suit.

Sailor                Why's he got hair on his face?

Grey                 All politicians do. It's like a tradition I guess.

Sailor                It's going to make him sweat.

Grey                 Yes, it will.

Sailor                Maybe we should tell him to cut it. It would help.

Grey                 Maybe you can tell him.

Sailor                I will. Once the enclosure's back on.



Enter Foster and Capitol delegate Mark Debars

Debars             I hope you understand the severity of the risk we took, driving here. The Capitol is an entire             landmass away.

Foster              I do indeed, Sir. We're quite honored to have you here at our colony. In fact, we've got our own Beta Generation here at Forty-Four—Sailor is his name—he's probably delighted to witness your arrival.

Debars             Wonderful. Even just one Beta has a way with stimulating a colony.

Foster              Yessir.

Debars             Well then. [scanning] It appears my job is cut out for me, here.

Foster              Yessir.

Debars             Mm, there's much to be done. Congress wants every colony to be top-of-the-line in less than four years,

The End

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