Enter Foster and standing guard

Foster              Is everything finished?

guard               Yessir. We're waiting for your word.

Foster              Great. The trucks will be here in a few minutes. I'm going to Control. Get ready to peel back the inner gate, will you? And get another man to help.

guard               All right, Chief. May I ask, though: how do you mean to open the outer gate, seeing that it's rigged with the voltage?

Foster              I'll need to turn it off.

guard               What, the enclosure?

Foster              Yes—just so I can open and close the second gate from Control.



Foster              What's the matter?

guard               How long do you suppose this will take?

Foster              Oh, too long, naturally. Go on; find another guard to help you out. That gate is made of non-corrodible iron and you'll need all the arms you can get.

guard               Yes sir.



Enter Grey and his son Sailor

Sailor                Look at that, Dad! They're at the gate!

Grey                 I know.

Sailor                They're huge!

Grey                 They're pretty big.

Sailor                Shiny too. How fast can they go? Is the enclosure off yet?

Grey                 You'll know when it's off.

Sailor                What if we miss it?

Grey                 We won't.

               Listen, Sailor, Chief John is only going to turn it off for just a moment, okay? There's nothing to worry about.

Sailor                Oh—sure. Chief John knows what he's doing.

Grey                 Good, that's good. Hey, would you get down from there? You're going to break the couch.

Sailor                Sorry.

               What do you think they're made of?

Grey                 The trucks? I don't know. Polycorp alloy probably.

Sailor                I thought that was the stuff in the enclosure.

Grey                 It is. It's used for quite a few different things.

               [rumbling within]  —Hey, you hear that?

The End

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