The Build

This was the first song I wrote for the album 'Remember Jenny' which can be found here

1. The Build


In the bright light summer

Of a sixties street,

Men cross zebra roads

For the girls to see

Just copycats,

For currency

From cover to cover...

And all for the benefit of

The pride-seekers’ mother.


We’re moving forward

We’re in seventy-one, and

Space is charted,

Even Bowie’s gone

Now Heath’s plans of utility   


With his career

Whist the innocent abbey

She loses though fear

Forced to have the affair

With the four

In a pre-modern day

When the male takes more...


And In our day

Where Knowledge is

A number

And dead stars a-play

From our pockets

Rumours of us

Going under

Crescendo from the aftermath

Of the build  


And we’d shiver out in the winter

Before Farmer’s hats, were classed French

Somewhere along our champagne rebellion

Splitters of lust cut deeper.


Then I knew what I desired to do

Down to the letter as planned,

Diamond, held in my hand, but I

Forgot the flowers for the mirror

I’m a sinner

Slipping deeper

So can you blame me,

If I fall back now?   


Now everyday

While I Live

In A Thunder  

I’m Tryin’ to Catch Somethin

Fast as Lightning

Our Wonders Just

Fade To Blunders  

Forming the Foundations

Of A Build!

Now I... don’t plan... to crack

This virtual revolution

So darlin’... come, drag me back

Back to eighty-eight

The rein of the pale snake

That smile upon your face...



And in our day

Were knowledge is

A number,

I’m trying to catch something

Fast as lightning 

Our wonders just

Fade to blunders

Forming the foundations

Of a build...



While I live

In a thunder,

Dead stars a-play

From our pockets

Rumours of us

Going under

Crescendo from the aftermath

Of the build 

Forming the Foundation

Of a build


Crescendo from the aftermath...

Forming the Foundation of...

Living in the days in the days of-

The build.


Lyrics By: MATTHEW SMITH; Music By: RICHARD PARKHOUSE. Copyright 10th March 2010
















The End

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