The Broken Shell

This is a true story. However, it is the shorter version of the autobiography for that year I'm working on.


        “Friends come in different shapes and sizes. Size and shape don’t matter, what matters is how you treat each other.” I’d heard that many times throughout my life. I had always lived by it. Yet people, including myself, thought friendship only applied to people of the same age group. This saying and our opinions forever changed when I joined the marching band at the local Jr. /Sr. high school.

I was in the seventh grade and the youngest in the low brass section.  I was also a newer student. I really didn’t know anyone outside my own class from the year before. There were only four of us and none of them were really my friends. So it got pretty lonely.

I mean, I suppose, I could’ve gone over to someone else’s group, but it didn’t feel right. It seemed I had no friends of my own to talk to during break.  Until one day, a senior named Kayanna invited me to her group. Little did I know, by going over to her group, I would become a part of a new friendship. It started just by learning each others names.

Soon Kayanna, Chelsea, and Jolisha became my best friends. Keith and Travis became very close friends to me, as well. I learned so much from them!  We would spend so many days at band practice talking and laughing until we cried. It rocked! Of course, with every good thing comes something bad.

Another girl, whom I thought was my friend, refused to believe they were actually my friends. You see, when the seventh graders moved up to the high school, all of us acted shy and scared of the older band members. According to her and several others, we seventh graders should have a “shell” around us, blocking out everyone except fellow seventh graders, especially the seniors. I had a shell for a little while but mine broke when I became their friends. 

She kept making mean judgments and said they were lying about being my friends. I later found out she was the liar and the truth was she was just jealous. I’m glad I didn’t listen to her.

        Meanwhile, I’d been having great times with my new friends. One that comes to mind is when I was at one of my first football games. I was being ornery that night and Travis decided to get me back. One of the flag twirlers brought a mask just for fun. Travis barrowed it and hid behind me. Kayanna began looking behind me and smiling, barely containing her laughter. I looked behind me and screamed which turned into laughter too.

        One other that’s a favorite of mine happened one day after band practice. It had been a rough day. I’d been so mad I couldn’t march correctly, I went home and practiced. Soon after, a red car pulled into the parking lot near my house. I didn’t really pay attention to it. It seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary.

        Then I felt like I was being watched. I looked over and the people in the car ducked. I kept looking over there until I saw smiling eyes watching me. My sister came over and I asked her if they looked like Kayanna and Chelsea. It was them! We chased them until they were cornered at a storage building. All of us were out of breath and laughing.

      Another is when I got one of my nicknames. We were practicing inside. During a break in the action, Jolisha

spoke up and said “‘Cyrena’ sounds like a gypsy name. Can I call you ‘Madam Cyrena’?” Travis said “Madam Cyr-e-na” in a really funny voice. Jolisha said “You should wear a veil to the next football game.”  I said “Ya, sure” rolling my eyes. So that’s how I got my most famous nickname “Madam Cyrena”.

        I also got two more nicknames, “Lil C” from Kayanna and “Shadow” from Chelsea. My Friendship with them is so special. No one else knows how it feels. It rocks to be the only one! And I know our friendship will never change, even after they go to college.

        Now everyone agrees our friendship is something special. It is strong enough to change several opinions and one saying. Today we all know “Friends come in all shapes, sizes and ages. True Friends forget their differences and  love each other anyway.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The End

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