The Breath-Hold Breakpoint

Would it be a lie to say, there's no reason to be afraid?

Well my only reassurance, it's always darkest before dawn

Whichever path you take

Each one of your mistakes

Will point you in the right direction

But until the time arrives it'll be a closed connection

/ Grasping blindly for the light we stumble onward

Watching what is beautiful erode

Taking it in because we can see no other choice

Hold your breath for so long, before you reach the breakpoint

/ Straining to be heard, above the sound of ignorance

Refusing to acknowledge our insignificance

To make your mark you've got to fight the hardest

But it's the ignorant who scream the loudest

They justify the blood on their hands

By quoting what they don't understand

/ Grasping blindly for the light you stumble alone

Watching what is left slowly erode

Taking the pain because there's only one way out

Hold it inside, how long before you reach the breakpoint?

/ We can't keep the darkness back when it's a part of us all

Push it away or embrace it before we fall

'Cause like it or not, we're all the same but

We handle it in different ways, and there's only so much

That we can take before we break

The End

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