Gamer Girls

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is the concept of "gamer girls," and no, I'm not sexist. It's not the fact that there are girls playing video games that bothers me. Rather, it is the flaunting of this title that irritates me. Let me explain.

While it is still more common for guys to play video games than girls, it isn't such an unheard of idea anymore that a girl would enjoy playing video games. To my understanding, the concept of girl gamers is not uncommon. This is somewhat due to the changing concept of a gamer. With more casual games becoming available in the mainstream, video games are appealing to a wider range of audience. This introduces many people to the world of video games who would not be interested otherwise. But, I digress.

There seems to be a core group of girls who ruin the "gamer girl" image for me. In my experience, they are popular, preppy teenagers. These girls play the latest popular FPS, usually on their brother or boyfriend's console, and flaunt the fact that *Gasp* they are girls who play video games! This is not such a novel concept anymore yet these girls act like they are the next Rosa Parks.

To me, this act comes across as petty. I recognize the appeal of a girl gamer. What guy doesn't want a girlfriend who finds enjoyment in an activity that they themselves enjoy? To me, this act of title flaunting is similar to the same girl showing too much skin in an outfit or flirting with every guy she meets. At the end of the day, it is a shallow attempt to attract a potential boyfriend or gain attention. It is unnecessary and could be done with much more class.

One of the most memorable instances of annoying "gamer girls" that I have encountered happened in school one day during a presentation from a guest speaker. I was in High School and a man visited my class to talk about planning for our future careers and using our talents and interests. He was making a point that hand-eye coordination can be an asset and asked the class if anyone played video games. Shortly after, he specifically asked if there were any girls who played video games. One girl, who is very preppy and girly, immediately raised her hand high. The man looked surprised, as I'm sure most of us were, and asked what she played. "CoD." She replied. It made sense to me now, as I frequently hear her clique talk about instances where they would talk online while their boyfriends played for them. I was saddened.

I'm not saying that all "gamer girls" are bad. I'm not even saying that every girl, or guy for that matter, who plays the latest FPS is not a real gamer. I AM saying that girls who use video games in order to appeal to guys or gain attention make a bad name for real gamers. Just to reiterate, I recognize that many girls play video games simply for the fun of it. I have many friends who are real girl gamers but don't flaunt the fact. They play as a hobby, and I can have genuine conversations with them. I respect this.

I also realize that there are many guys who only play the latest FPS and call themselves gamers, but because video games are typically "guy things", there is no stereotypical boundary for them to break and still maintain appealing, and so they are relatively safe from my wrath in this aspect.There are many stupid things guys do to appeal to girls as well, but that's for another time.

The End

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