A Note From Bear

Experiencing some writer's block, I decided to focus on some non-fiction, "fun" writing. Unfortunately, the only thing I can be bothered to know enough about is myself.

I have never been one to keep a diary. My feelings primarily manifest themselves in the occasional rant or emotion-filled email. Generally I am rather content and prefer to avoid conflict. However, despite my occasional thought to the contrary, I am not a robot. I have much to share about myself if the world was willing to listen. Unfortunately, most of the world prefers not to listen at times when I am ready to speak, which are infrequent at best. Additionally, like many others, there are things I simply would prefer not to share with friends and family yet feel completely at ease sharing with strangers online or elsewhere. Thus, the Book of Bear is born. Here I will chronicle any passing thought, feeling, or idea. Critiques are encouraged and comments are loved.

- Bear

The End

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