Stars that go boom and make people...

Creationism meets science, based on what I saw on tv about black holes and what the Bible says, (a few loopholes are in this but I think I pointed them out when they came up). It makes some sense.

1.Created the firmament. The firmament was believed to be a solid hemisphere that separated the waters of the heavens from the waters of the earth.
2.Gathered the pre-existing waters of the world together so that the land appeared.
3.He also created all the plants on earth.
4.Created the sun.
5.Created every living creature in the seas, and the birds.
6.Created land animals, then mankind, both male and female.
7.The seventh step, on the seventh day, was for God to rest from his labours.

The "Light he created was hope. Hope for potential life. For science has taught us that from nothing something can come. What came was apparently the Big Bang. This supplied the necessary gasses for stars to form.

These stars when they run out of fuel; or reach the element iron (Fe) die. They created all of the elements we know, if they were large enough, including carbon; which we are made of. It created our planet; along with other things.

The now dead stars created elements; which when chemically bonded together create water. This water could've been frozen on an asteroid and landed on Earth when it collided with our planet.

Our Sun was born. (Although I'm pretty sure the sun is older than our planet, but come on this religion is incredibly old; THERE'S A GIANT MAN IN THE SKY hahah )

The first living things more than likely came from the sea and when they left the sea they could've evolved into dinosaurs which in turn changed into the birds we know today. (Evolved, pokémon reference woohooo)

The land animals, which also evolved from the sea creatures would eventually be humans. "Created land animals, then mankind." So, naturally there would be both male and female.

(7th point splits into two different things)
He then rested because he wanted to play with his beard.
But his rest could also be how we haven't been hit by asteroids since when Earth was being made it was bombarded with them which made the moon.
The equation for a black-hole can be solved using what we know about our own galaxy, which implies that we are inside a black-hole, which I guess means that it's gravity pulled all of those gasses mentioned at the start together and enabled them to fuse inside it. To top it off there's a black-hole in the centre of every galaxy which when it was young would shoot out gamma rays (I swear this is true, the tv dude said this - minus the religion) which got rid of excess gasses around it. These gasses are what stars are made of and eventually they will be used up. There will be no more stars and when our sun runs out of gas it too will die like other stars. And when it dies it can rest as a white dwarf. (Yup, our sun will turn into a red giant then a white dwarf.)

So anyway, God is either one of the first stars, gravity, a black-hole
(err, those are all connected because a star is in battle with gravity and when it loses, which is unavoidable, it could turn into a black-hole). SO God is one of the firsts stars OR a giant man with a beard.

The End

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