The big difference.......!

This is something that i just stumbled upon when i was thinking.....its a small article that i would love to share :)

As we started through the streets of Mumbai,on a cold night, a frosty night it was.I could see through the neon lights which dimly lit the background,there were few people at this time in the night. It was close to two in the morning.The busy road laden with people once,was empty now.It shined through the CFL lights,probably due to friction,we were on S.V road, it shined, it looked smooth.
I felt spooky, the horde of people in the day,looking like ants were hiding in their homes.There in the blazing light stood tall the Oberoi mall,as we proceeded towards Powai. The most glitterati that we talked about in town, it symbolised the elite` class of Mumbai.
Sitting in the window seat of my car. i was not interesed in the topic that my family was discussing. I was in my own world, a world wherein every single human being mattered. Past the oberoi as we started ,i could see small gallies,of huts where people lived in cramped houses. It was a different world altogether.Small stores selling cigarettes, betel leafs, & tobacco. Women, men and children sleeping on the pavements.There they lay in dark and just a few yards far was a world full of lights blue,green,yellow you name it.
And here i was sitting in the secure confines of my luxurious vehicle,protected by may parents,neither could i feel the heat and nor the cold.I wish i could smell the air around them,oh just if i could open the dark window and lend a helping hand.I wish i could do that to feel it, how it felt the way they lived.
Hard it was,beautiful it couldn't be,but independent they were.
No fear of death, or of loosing any possessions, living they were without any restrictions.
I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts,dad had asked me something.He spoke of United States,was concerned about the economy. I just wasn't listening,nodded unknowingly.I was more concerned about the humans living in cramped houses and those living on pavements.It was like backstabbing as well as slap on the face simultaneously.
The door was slammed on my face as the car pulled in the driveway of a magnificent new bunglow.

There i was lost in the world ......

The End

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