You are a fighter,

A warrior still standing.

You have endured many battles,

Scars that shall never fade.

Let them serve as reminders;

Not of tragedies past

But of Victories won.


You have endured many battles,

And many more will come.

And I hope you know

That you are not alone,

That you are never alone.

I will stand by you 

Through thick and thin

Blood and water.

If your hand becomes weak 

From carrying the sword,

I shall be there in a moment

So you never bear a single burden alone.


You are an inspiration:

Every struggle you face,

Every tear you cry,

Every syllable you murmur,

Every word you type,

Fills me with hope. 


The Lord had truly blessed my life

The moment I met you.

From the very beginning,

I knew that my life

Would never be the same.

I am who I am today

Because of you.

And I thank you, darling.

I thank you beyond words.


You are so beautiful.

Outside, inside, heck

Everyone you've influenced

Is more beautiful

Because of you.


The demons will whisper

Trying to tear you down.

But don't you listen to them!

Not for one moment!

They will try to tempt you

To make you think you must

Continue alone.

But that isn't true!

It.  Isn't.  True.


The Lord smiles down upon

You, Cassandra.

He rejoices in every

Victory you've won

And He is there

There in every fight,

Every battle,

Every struggle,

He is cheering you on,

Because He knows,

As do I,

That.  You.  Will.  Win.


I can't place everything I'd

Like to say to you

In one poem.

For two reasons:


The poem would exceed logical length



You, your friendship, 

Your love, your faith,


Cannot be described in words.


I love you.

Thank you

For all you've done

And for what,

I have no doubt,

You will do.


God bless you, darling.


The End

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