The Beach

It started as a poem and then became something else entirely.

The beach was a place of beauty.

Time eroding away at its insecurities.

Raw and unafraid it lays waiting to be judged.

Tonight, however, the beach will remain beautiful.


Two lost lovers, desperately searching, walk across the beach.

Both wondering how something so beautiful could feel so lonely.

He was full of fire, a spirit on the move.

She- a sweet natured girl, and she had been his.

But it was on that beach,

That they were destined to meet again.

Destined to share the love they had once before.

The stars danced, just for them, to the song of the waves.

When their hands finally touched,

Everything went still.

Time stopped for their love,

If only for a brief moment.


Two lovers lost in embrace.

Both longing for more, but speak nothing.

Breathing the scent of the other,

Waiting for the touch to unravel their composure.

She watched his movements as he raised his arm.

Caressing her cheek he whispered his love forever true.

Her eyes were closed, taking in his touch.

His hand moved down her body,

Reminding him of the curves he knew so well.

Slowly he placed her gently on the sand.

Letting the water wash away all their doubts and fears.


He touched her in a way no other man could.

Loving her like no other man had.

He was passionate but slow,

Taking care to give every inch of her beauty his undivided attention.


As they moved with the waves, she was lost to him.

She owned no part of her body in that moment, she was his.

He moved like the waves against the shore, eroding the walls she never knew could come down.

He was the storm at sea she desperately needed and with one final wave he gave her everything.


Leaving her breathless, their passions released.

He laid his head upon her chest.

Feeling the speed of her heart, being truly home and free.

She ran her nails lightly along his sides,

Reminding him of countless nights before.

Remind him of why she was his.

He had laid claim to all of her,

But like the waves, he knew she would soon drift away.


He kissed her lips, if only to taste her for one last time as he rolled to lay beside her.

He grabbed her hand and they watched as the stars danced, just for them, to the song of the waves.

The sun had set, never to rise again.

For time stopped for their love,

If only for a brief moment.

The End

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