The Banquet

Character List

Robertson family

Savanna-      Carrie's sister
Lauren Robertson-      Carrie's mother
Charlie Robertson-      Carrie's father
Grace-       Carrie's best friend
Liam-      Savanna's boyfriend   

Berardi family

Diane-      Nolan's Wife
Grandma-      Nolan's grandma
Leo/Greg      -Grandma's aid

Hamilton family

George Hamilton-      Lydia's father

Adamson family

Bethany-      Ryan's sister
Jaclyn Adamson-      Ryan's mother

(After the house lights are out, there is a beat, and then the stage lights come on and the curtains part to a room. There are two beds [opposite sides of the stage], a vanity drawer [DR], a door [UL], a lounge chair [LC], and a closet [URC]. At DC, there are many little toys and sensory Objects [silly putty, balloons, goop, buttons, marbles in jar filled with water] on the floor in a little basket. There is music in the background [Old Rock] and three girls come out.  These girls' names are Carrie, Savanna, and Grace. Carrie I s sitting on the stool near the vanity drawer with savanna brushing her hair behind her while Grace sits in the chair, fidgeting with something(she could be doing something helpful such as: untangling necklaces or mending a dress. Carrie is wearing a white cotton slip, Savanna is wearing a blue, sparkly dress, and Grace, bright, floral dress.


Carrie is a fourteen year old autistic girl who is going to a banquet in honor, support, and give awareness of all the people on the Autism Spectrum in that town. Savanna was asked to speak in that banquet as a sibling. Grace [Carrie's best and only friend], Savanna [Carrie's sister], the sister's parents, and savanna's boyfriend [Liam] were invited. )


Savanna: (happy and trying to strike a conversation with Carrie, who is staring/fidgeting at some makeup.)

Carrie, are you excited? This is going to be really fun don't you think?  


Carrie: How do atomic bombs work?


Savanna: (ready, used to this sort of thing)

Oh wait, Carrie, I asked you a question, please answer then I'll answer yours, okay?


Grace: yeah Carrie, c'mon


(After a bit waiting for Carrie to reply, Savanna puts her face near the mirror [the mirror could be just glass] and mouths the words " I am not excited" with Carrie. The door bell rings. And Savanna whispers a simple "Liam". Everyone goes back to their things.)


Savanna:  (turning to grace)

Well maybe you can explain what an atomic bomb is while I go get Liam? (Grace nods and Savanna walk to the door [UL] Grace walks to the chair and brushes carries' hair)


Grace: (sighing)

Well, why don't we start at the beginning? There are these little, tiny things that we can't even see called atoms that make us up. And an atomic bomb works by making the little things, these atoms-which is a very bad and dangerous thing- to move around really fast, Blowing things up, basically. Do you understand, Carrie?


(Carrie looks around and smiles)

Carrie: I hope that no fish are affected.

Grace: (a little sad-acting)

Most likely


(They giggle and laugh until Liam and Savanna come in. Grace gets up to greet Liam. Liam walks to Carrie and tries to hug her but Carrie pulls back. Liam tacks a moment to remember Carrie's ups and downs and says "oh yeah". Savanna goes to the closet and takes out a beautiful black satin dress with gold buttons and yellow, blue, and green embroidery. Liam starts to the door but Savanna reassures him with a...)


Savanna: Oh no, Liam, you can stay.  


(Liam walks to one of the beds and sits down. While Savanna helps Carrie slip on the dress, Grace goes back to her chair and leans back, sighing. Savanna walks over to Liam and sits next to him, sighing as well. Every one seems relaxed and happy.)

Liam: (bored)

And now we wait.


Grace: (nodding)

And now we wait.


(After a beat, Carrie gets up and twirls around in her dress, humming and apparently trying not to notice everyone else. Savanna notices this and walks closer to

Carrie and suddenly hugs her. Carrie is stressed at first but relaxes. Then Savanna takes Carrie's shoulders and tries to look in to her eyes.)


Savanna: (understanding)

Carrie, are you nervous? Do you think people won't listen? What is it, honey, what is it?


(Carrie ignores Savanna and walks DC. She sighs and sits on the floor, fidgeting. Liam walks up to her and comforts her as she begins to cry [can sigh again or express feelings of nervousness, worry, pity, and doubt in another, non verbal way.] Grace stands up and walks next to Carrie, playing with her.


Carrie and Savanna's mother and father, Lauren and Charlie Robinson, walks in holding Flowers. They're dressed in a grey suit and a long, red dress. Savanna runs to Lauren and hugs her warmly.) 


Savanna: (happy, excited)

Mom, what were you doing down stairs?

Lauren: Nothing, just talking about the banquet.


(Savanna greets Charlie with a cheek-kiss. Lauren sits with Carrie and Grace. She Greets Grace with a hand-shake and pats Carrie on the back. As they are playing, Savanna sits at the Vanity, putting on her makeup.

Liam and Charlie sit at the beds [farthest from the vanity], talking.)


Charlie: How is your mother, Liam? I heard the chemo is helping a little more.

Liam: Good

Charlie: Great.

Liam: Mr. Robinson?

Charlie: What

Liam: well, I love your daughter very much and I feel very happy and wonderful when I'm with her. I...I...Want to ask you for her hand.


(Charlie stands up. Liam stands up as well. Charlie turns to Liam, pointing to him.)

Charlie: (decided, slightly stern, bold)

I can't answer that question right now for two reasons. One, I have no idea. Two, I would have to tell you something that you won't want to hear. So wait till the banquet.

(Charlie walks out the door. Lauren gets up and fallows him. Savanna walks to Liam [confused] and kisses him.

Savanna: what happened? What's going on?

Liam: (shrugging)

Nothing, I mean... I don't know.

(The curtain goes down. END OF SCENE ONE)  



The End

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