The Asylum for Drunken Party Students

A rant/documentation about my stay in a university residence building hilariously nicknamed 'the asylum' by my friends due to it's hospital-like charm.

There's a reason we call it the asylum here.

The people in it are all bloody crazy.

All I ask is when I have a final exam in 12 hours worth 20% of my overall grade, all I ask is for a little silence so I can maybe get enough studying done to pass the bloody thing. 
Is that too much to ask for? 
Apparently so.

Now usually, I don't mind this...because it does occur all the time but I guess beggars cannot be choosers when it comes to living accomodations amongst the alchy-thirsty.  I thought living on the alchohol-free floor would cure those problems, but of course it doesn't.  People still stumble around drunk and screaming, or in many cases, kicking footballs in the hallways at 3 am for all to hear and stay awake to.  This is my day everyday here, exams or no exams. 

All I can say is I hope when all the people causing the rukus fail their exams due to complete partying, that they move the hell out so I can get some peace for the remaining four months of the term...

The End

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