The Aspiring and the Inspired.

When your a child,

Your inspired by everything you do;

The books you read, the games you play. The movies you watch. 

So many things that are amazing and unique! But how do you become all of them?

Take it in turns? Be a pirate one day, a chef another?

How do we kids chose our fate? 

The others, telling us, forcing us, to chose our aspiration. Can we? Can't we?

I have no idea. A million characters, jobs and idea's buzzing through my brain, knocking into the sides of my skull.

'So you want be be this?' I don't know. 'I think you'd be good at this!' I don't know.

Hush, hush.

Just wait a moment.

I can't answer my calling when I don't have one. I'm good at all these things, adn yet, I can't chose between them?

You think you can guess my future?

No one can.

Not even myself.

The End

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