"The Age of Miracles" week two analysis

          They start to add the 34 hour clock and make it to where the Government can't control your living schedule. This implies there are a few places where the sun can't be "trusted" which I have come to believe that this means that the sun is unreliable and sometimes will not arrive on time or at all. Then there are places that are completely different like the fishing place that you can't go to. Everyone is starting to slightly adjust but still feel super uncomfortable.

          A)I feel like I would have the same reactions as most of the people at the time it happened. B)Everyone is slightly adjusting to the situation to where they can live with the issue. C)I feel as if this book does not offend me in any way nor does it clash with my at the moment thoughts. D)Every year the Earth's rotation is slowing down. E)my views where not changed at all while reading this book. F)I consider the time we have and just everything that has to do with weather minus earthquakes and a few other things. G)I enjoyed it as a story it really made me think about if this is possible and if so how soon will it happen. H)It is a casual look, I don't see any horrible casualties to make me feel bad or sad about them. I) I would act the same but as well I would go around and start doing things on my bucket list.

The End

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