The Affair That Never Happened

The story of duty and longing. Longing for love desire, carelessness One woman must chose between duty and that longing. The choce is simple for her but can she live with it?



So thoughtlessly you feed me

You slide the cheese into my mouth

Your finger barely glides across my lips

I look away to hide the shiver, the thrill

The sensuality of the cheese melting in my mouth

Before I met you I had substance

But not the tongue to taste

I tasted decadence and I wanted more



But it never happened

All of our lives are lived sleeping in bed

All of our lies are lived sleeping in bed

What goes on behind these eyes is not forsaken

We can only meet here

We can only say each others name out loud here

There’s too much to lose…

Too many hearts and memories to erase…

And I’m not that selfish


The cooking class had been his idea

But he never could come

Always working to bring home a bigger piece of bacon

If he only knew…

We were skipping class

Or maybe getting extra credit…

I have never had sushi before

I want that heat of wasbi on my tongue

The burning of saki in my throat

I want sensory overload




The kids look at me through the window

They watch me fade further and further away

The little ones fingers spread wide over the window pane

It’s only an hour I yell back

But the distance in my eyes doesn’t lie

My heart and my head is already with you

I imagine sitting on your counter

Looking over your shoulder

Watching you stir the simmering pasta

As you mutter something about watched pots




Our kiss would be the kiss of death

Death of everything we both have come to know

I’m not happy here

But I’ve never been one to give in swiftly

I’ll try again tomorrow

Wear those clothes he likes

Fold his clothes the way he likes

I’ll look into those eyes and find that sparkle again

I’ll shine it up

And he’ll be my one and only star…

It's the only way to go

The End

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