She's the most beautiful design
That makes me heart heal
Every single time I look into her eyes
And see our future shining with light
That makes me fall on my knees
When I finally know the feeling is real

I close my eyes
Because the most beautiful things
You see with your soul
I close my eyes
I can see her clearly
Shining with all her glory
I close my eyes
And she will lead me
Re living the nightmares with me
Until I am shaking in her arms
As she whispers calming words
Trying to make me feel once again

Just hold me closely
Because I don't want to
Experience darkness that consumed me
Until I needed to feel pain to feel anything

Wipe my tears away
When I look into the future
And all I can see is a blur
I know that with you by my side
I finally have hope

Dear God
Non believer wants to say thank you
For putting an angel on my path
In this hell we call reality
The loneliness gone
When I breath in scent of her wings

Only she heard my cries
Saw beauty in imperfections
For her I am perfectly imperfect
I was lost and lonely
I can feel her presence in the
Maze of life with so many traps
That gives me strength to slowly
Pick the heavy baggage I have

The sorrowful memories
Were making me fall on my knees
Again and again

But now I have the angel
To help me to get rid of
That numbness in my soul
As she helped me to stand up
Wiping my tears away
And then very softly whispered

"You're not alone."

The End

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