Date Unknown: "Graffiti is not Artistic and is Detrimental to Society. Discuss For or Against."

It seems we have retarded our progression on the Noble Path of Art. The ancient cult of drawing on walls, so favoured by our barbaric ancestors, has apparently returned: our hungover youths of today, dressed in leopard print and snapbacks, have decided to express their most extreme emotions which extend to such moving statements as "Robbo woz ere". Their belief in their own self-importance is extreme.

I have never seen anything hastily sprayed on a wall that even holds a candle to the great arts of bygone ages. Van Gogh would cut off his remaining ear in shame at the profanity that is sprayed under bridges and on back walls. In London, for instance, have you ever passed a wall that is not tattooed in so-called "graffiti" that makes obscene and disgusting references to subjects that are socially inappropriate? To think that our younger generation's eyes are soaking up the horrific images sprayed on walls by hunched-over punks in a drunken despair to explore the meaning of life while they blast Drake from their bashed-up stereo and drink alcohol and smoke marijuana despite being well below the age limit.

Was it not similar social stereotypes who wrecked England during the London riots of 2011*? Have we not learnt to educate and shape the useless proletariat? They take our benefits and they waste them on spray cans, to tear apart our carefully-crafted English image. On the other hand, it must be noted that the paint industry has flourished on the money it has received from such chavs. But these aggressive people can easily get angry once again, and use these spray cans to attack the unarmed middle-class for their money and this is, of course, a terrible threat, as well as degrading the name of Art by "painting" obscene caricatures of Barack Obama and the Queen enjoying a rather "special" tea party.

People. We are Britain. We are a great nation. We defeated the French at Waterloo and survived two World Wars, yet we do not see the terrible degradation that is happening in our back yards. We as a Nation must stop these mentally redundant tramps from ideologically kidnapping our younger generation. If our children follow these cavemen into into the dark valley of graffiti, it will spell the beginning of disorder and anarchy and the end of structure, safety and the sacred name of Art.

* 6 - 10 August 2011: The riots in which thousands of Britons took to the streets to indulge in looting, arson, and mass deployment of police. For additional information, please search Google.

The End

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