August 12, 2010

Dear Diary,

it´s actually the tenth of August, so I apologise for my early start. I´m currently in Gran Canaria, even though I live in England. So I guess you could say I´m on holiday, even though I don´t feel like I am remotely enjoying myself.

It´s irritating.

Anyway. I have about 21 minutes left on this computer, and I don´t want to put in any more money than I already have, so I better get on.

Life is boring at the moment, with nothing to do, no one to care about (romantically anyway), except for that one boy, but I´m not getting my hopes up because he´s pretty shy and not really my type generally (even though, and I´d never admit it to anyone else - he has got the cutest smile in the world - but shh, that´s for you to know only).

Yeah, nothing´s really happening, I get my results in two weeks today. I´m pretty terrified at the thought that if I get a B in English, I will cry my eyes out, even though I´ve already got an A in my coursework, so I´d have to have done terribly in my exam to get a B over-all, but there´s still that lingering feeling. Like, why did I not support that more fully, why did I not check my punctuation, grammar and spelling - was I simply too arrogant to do it, or did I just not have the time?

Whatever the reason, I am terrified now!

And what about drama or P.E or even worst of all, art? I need a B in art to take it at KGV, and I need at least a B in either P.E or drama, just to get into KGV.

This is all so trivial. Thus is my life, really.

I´ve got no more books to read, and the swelling from the bites I have on my legs and arms have actually gone down, a tremendous amount in just three days. Usually it takes about three weeks! That´s the sun for you.

Anyway, I think I´m gonna go back up to the hotel room and just lounge on one of the sunbeds in the balcony. Makes me wonder how on Earth my dad could afford to bring me and my two sisters here, to this gorgeous hotel, when he constantly tells me he has no money.

Bless him. He probably saved for ages.

I do love him.

Anyway, I best be off.

Have fun, being dormant in this computer. I´ll see you soon.

The End

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