August 11, 2010.

Dear Diary,

It's not August 11 yet. I come from the future.

Not really; I just wanted to write an entry about yesterday's adventures and the 10th was taken, so I am asserting my authority over you.

See, my boyfriend and I are both engineering students. We thrive on planning out every detail of every event. I love making lists; if you look in my purse, you will find many that have been abandoned (a list of puppy supplies for the puppy I don't have and will not be getting, for example). My boyfriend keeps lists in his head, but they very much exist.

Yesterday, we finished work (our summer internships) for the afternoon and my boyfriend mentioned that he had a craving for African food. The only place to get any nearby is Atlanta. He complained that we weren't very spontaneous, which is true. In an effort to rectify this personality flaw, we decided to drive two hours into the heart of Atlanta on a Monday after work, just to get Ethiopian food.

After many instances of cold feet, in which we nervously wondered if we should turn around "before it's too late" and tapped our feet uncomfortably, we made it to Atlanta. The first Ethiopian restaurant we drove past looked like it offered a healthy sampling of food poisoning with every meal. The next one looked very nice, but closed. Actually, it was probably open, but something magical had happened just minutes earlier that made eating there impossible.

Somewhere along the way we had passed Fogo de Chao, a wonderful-sounding Brazilian restaurant with all-you-can-eat cuts of meat. We have always wanted to go there and knew exactly how much it would cost, what food was offered, the online and critic ratings of the restaurant, and things of that nature. Knowing exactly what to expect was just too much to resist.

We went to Fogo, ate more meat than we thought was humanly possible, and left an hour later significantly fuller and $150 poorer. All in all, it was a successful meal.

When we arrived back at the car, my boyfriend reflected on the day and said "You know, we really suck at being spontaneous."

I have to agree. The plan is to keep our spontaneity at a minimum from now on. We'll be due for another adventure in almost four years, at the rate we're going. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.


The End

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