August 10, 2010

Wat's up Screen,

Hope you bin hangin' tight in there. Saw many a fellas pass by you and post a whole lot of gibberish. So, you tell me? You havin' fun with all the eye balls that you've bin grabbin'? I'm sure you must be. Dunno a chick who doesn't love the spotlight.

Anywho I'm just gonna tell you 'bout the night I'm havin'. Bin writing a chapter or two, talkin' to some pretty cool kids, and just loitering around Protag in the hope that I stumble across somethin' really awesome. Well, I guess what I've bin tryin' to say is that I'm looking to get lucky tonight.

What say you? Is it gonna happen for me? Go on. I know that there's this thing called the internet where folks can reply to your questions. So answer me. Is it my lucky night or what?

Tick Tock   Tick Tock   Tick Tock

Bin waitin' long enough for ya to talk back. Guess you tryin' to be real nice to me or somethin'. But I'm done. Off to bed I'd say.

You'd better shut down and snooze too. Ciao.

Happy scrawlings!!

*Presses RED button on the screen. Screen flickers and then shuts down. Time for bed.*


The End

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