August 9, 2010

Dear Protagonize Typing Screen,

I find it quite weird that I'm typing on you about my day's events. Honestly, I don't write out my feelings or events as much anymore but how a Protagonist's fate led me here is a long story.

Today's been quite a headache. Consisted mostly of math, math, and more math. Linear Equations are confusing and hurt my head. Face it Bea, you're not quite the genius. And when I finally get the time to come on Protagonize, my brain's all woozy and melted of it's contents that I've got no idea what to do.

Honestly, who studies in summer? You might ask. Unfortunately I do. The story's long and I'll save it for later, beloved shiny laptop screen. I don't want my occasional rants of hatred against studying to kill you. Let's take it slow.

Now that I'm here, I've got some things to do. Like post in a few stories and read a few more! Till next time!

Beatrice Ann Maria Manuel aka BAMM!

The End

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