August 8, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today was a good day. I woke up late, ate Mexican food, and then let my boyfriend drive me back up to our town. Success.

When we got home, I roped him into buying me Indian food, which is my favourite. We discussed getting a puppy while our little Siamese kittens treated us like climbing frames. They are two sisters and a huge handful. Why not add a dog to the mix?

We settled down to watch an episode Avatar: The Last Airbender and ended up watching the last 10. It was pretty fantastic, especially for an animated kid's show, and we are very upset that it's over. Next we plan on getting back to watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I fell into bed past 12, which is slightly depressing because I have to work at 5. Oh, the joys.

School starts up again in just a couple of weeks! And with that I leave you.


The End

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