6th August 2010

Dear Diary .... thing.

It's me, your favourite nutcase. I've had a pretty productive day - went for a very wet walk by the Thames, cleaned my room (le gasp!), made lunch, did some situps, uploaded Tunisia photos ... and rediscovered an old story of mine. Rather strange I hadn't got back to it sooner, people seem to enjoy it. Hah, I just have fun poking fun at the whole epic-long-journey-and-prophecy-with-nasty-monsters-involved fantasy. Being witheringly sarcastic is brilliant fun.

However, it's not all good news on my writing front. Exile has stalled again. I'm a few days worth of posts ahead, but it's still a major pain. I think they've all gone on strike again .... grrr, evil little cretins. And I'm hoping to get it finished before NaNo too - although I doubt that will happen with my current writing rate of one chapter a day. I should up the pace, but my family seem hell bent on making me do other stuff and, sometimes, I just don't feel like it. Curses, why can't the wretched thing write itself? Ah well, I can always take a break from the uncooperative pests over Novemeber... then again, I might have to take a break from writing altogether with my GCSE mock exams coming up, then the real things in the summer!

This school year might not see me writing much ... joking, I know I'll wind up on here just as much as I usually do, this place is too addictive. Besides, I need to have something to keep me sane with all that revision.

Anyway, enough about my mundane business, I'm off to grapple with the Inspiration Fairy.

Hasta La Vista ... err ... Diary?


The End

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