5th August, 2010.

I'm afraid it's actually the 6th August today, so I thought I'd write and leave today's entry free for somebody else :) That's the only problem with these things, isn't it?

So, hello Protagonize. It's very distracting with all of you whizzing around like that. Could you just stand still a moment because I am talking! Thank you. Now, whoever takes Protagonize ... takes the writing world. But guess who? That's right! Me. So, who's going to take it from me? Hmm? Look at me. No back-up. No plan. No weapons worth a damn. But guess what else I don't have? That's right: anything to lose. 

Sorry. Got carried away quoting Doctor Who there.

I'll tell you something funny, though. My Internet has gone really wrong at the moment and the only sites that work are Protagonize and WordPress -- everything else just loads for ages and ages and never works. So obviously the greeting in the chapter before, "Stay happy and virus free" has worked! Great!

Anyway, this is a very sad day for me, as I'm not going to be able to go on Protagonize for over a week, since I'm going on a camp with no Internet access! :( Then I have a day at home before I'm going to a big festival called Soul Survivor. So goodbye, Protagonize, I will miss you ... but rest assured, I'll tell you all about it when I get home. I promise!

Bye for now,

The End

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