CAN THE SON,OF 2 WORKING,BEAUTITIANS,WHO OWN A BEAUTY PARLOR,ON THE STOOP,OF 544 CLAREMONT PARKWAY,THE BRONX NY,EVEN BEGIN,TO WRITE HIS GROWING UP,BEHIND,THE CURTINS,OF THE STORE,HE LIVES BEHIND,THE 3 ROOMS,BED,BATH,KITCHEN?I WILL TRY!forgive me if its too,personal.back in da bronx,is a newsletter,of the past,that i am writing this for,its,well,about,the 3rd ave el,that runs  down the block,every block,in the city,is a city in a city,and now you will see,why,its so personal,you had to be there,trolly cars,on third ave,put a penny on the tracks,and make it bigger,this is the time of the big ,depresion,you know.bathgate ave,all the foods,and baked,goods,you would ever need,in your life.the fenway theatre,where you go,to see,on sat.,5 cartoons,newsreel,2 feature,films,comming attractions,free dishes,screeno a game to win,toys,and things,we could not aford to buy.and,only 10cents,to get in.i loved movies,and wnted to see how they,run,so i wnt up to the projection booth,and made frends with the projectionist,a 306 union man,those days,to get into the union,your father had to be in it father,when he came here,from poland,through,canada,with my mother,during ww1,went to brows motion picture school,on gold st,in nyc,till my mother talked him into opening,a beauty parlor,and telling him,you will meet a lot of people this way,and the the booth, would be too cofining.and he and my mother went to beauty school,and became beauty parlor,owners,on there feet,for 40 years together,and what with the partys,during ww2,very late nights.but for me,well i met,the owner,of the tremont theatre,at the next blg. on my block,546,and the rest,is history.a history,not many know about,during ww2,where carbons,to light the screen,were shortages,of,as there were made of,copper,and film in those days made of,celaloid,that when it burned,it made,toxic fumes that could kill you.but i loved the projectin booth so mutch,it never was on my mind,as to me in show buis. the show must go on!and it did,as i was the coffee boy,as told to the fire inspector, and ,i would walk out of the booth,and when gone,the projectionist, as i was,in the korean war,on that troop ship,for the the officers,but back to my story,we did,live stage shows,called vaudeville shows,and i was in them,as an extra,also, italian and yiddish,movies with english titles.and at a very low price,had the  audences,standing,in long lines out side,the tremont theatre,on webster ave,and tremont ave,around the block,our competter,the,skouras,crotona,  theatre,showing,only american movies.i was also,the candy boy,and as an extra,in a show as the western union boy,on a full house,stage i was told to give the telegram,to mrs.goldbaum,and when i got to center stage,said,telegram for mrs.goldbaum,nobody,showed up,so i walked off the stage,with telegram,and took of my western union  costume, and put on my,candy boy white coat,and was yelling,get you hershey bars,as people were pointing at me,wasent he on the stage,as the western union boy,and what kind of show is this?well i knew,so i took off my white coat,and went to the booth,to run the movie!it was just a normal,thing,that i always,d id,!at about 10 years old!and the pay,was great italian meals,at the martinie's,apartment,after the shows.louie,where are you,when i need you today?well i was a kid,and had many frends,too.we hung around my parents,beauty parlor stoop,at 544,where we all,had fun,there was,rock y colovito,the baseball star,of the clevland indians,his father threw,water on us,if we,made noise,at night on the father yelled,at us,if to many of my friends were on the stoop,your blocking customers,from coming in.this block was a place of very famous people,charlies laundry,at  540,where red buttons and bs pully,come diens, of the catskills mts.hung out,and,george la falgio,the light. heavy  weight,boxing champ of the world. and,the guys,i knew,then,jerry r. marvin r. jack l. wally d.  blindie rockys best frend,joe f.joe s. arthur-kots,tommy p. nondo b. nick m. walter s. willie t. tiny s. archie p. lenny d.  louie breen,my ptr. in the claremont delivery service,its a long story,the girls,deloris, estella ,stella lee,my old girlfrend,barbra b aker,my old girlfrend,rosey,comella m,nicks sister,herby  r,  jack s.,jack k,anna k. my parents,and many more,and not to foget the sugar bowl,the back lots,southern blvd,parkway theatre,on 3rd. ave.,the blenheim theatre,the paradise theatre,on the concorse,nr. fordham rd.,joe frankoure,and family,we played alot of checker games,the palice wines and l iq. store,the delux theatre,crotona park,and indian lake,and rowboats,my 1936 hupmobile,car,and mech. at the mobile sration,at webster and claemont,tony dembrosio,he was married,and said,pusha push,all the time,and baby no come,what a guy!shavoltsky,sgrocery store,across the sreet,plesent dairy,s store,semour saul,ymha,on fulton ave,and crotona park,and,where i lived for a very short time,1531 fulton ave,its a long story,habers diner on claremont and 3rd ave.schrfts ice cream store,ginsys toy stoy store on claremont and washington ave,ps. 42,55,4,never got to ps 4,it was out of  my district,,most of my frends went there,and,thats a long story, bronx hosp. on fulton ave,greek rest,on 3rd. ave,near,the pool room,news stand at claremont and 3rd. ave,beer parlor,on claremont and 3rd.ave.,kosher deli,near,bathgate ave.and jack lee's father's cadalac,car,that he kept very clean,but went no place. on  claremont,near elis barber shop,at 540,not to foget the sugar bowls,great,dr. browns,cream soda,egg cream,tootsi roll,2 scoops of chocklet ice cream,on a cone,5cents,polly seeds, big bag full, ,that i sold at crotona park,to the snrs. sitting on the benches,of crotona park,where the cross town buss,went through,1cent,a tiny cup full,today who would pick up a penny from the floor?oh and banna splits,15cents,juke box 5cents,3rd ave el,10cents,delihot dog,25cents,with everything,and my moma's,cartufful cloisters,and meat sause,free!she also made fish swiming in the bath tub,and,flick a chicken,great meals,too!and the ice man,woul put ice,in our ice box,to sve the leftovers,and in winter out the windows,tin box.theres more to my story,but,il,tell it another time,if you care?and as the song says,the bronx is up,and,and it was my great wonerfull,world,as a kid!stay well all! mk.  i think it could make a great screen play,any body got any cash??????

The End

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